Tony Hawk's Underground HD Texture Pack

Download Full 650 MB Version

Download Lite 45 MB Version

Started in March 2016 and updated in July 2020. This pack is available in 2 versions. Lite contains a completely redrawn UI with customizable controls. The Full version adds AI upscaled and redrawn level textures, playable skaters, create-a-skater parts, and deck graphics.

Use 7zip or equivalent and put the resulting .zip files into your "ResourcePacks" folder, then use the Resource Manager in Dolphin to select and install the modules you want to use.

Pick the right controls for you in the Dolphin Resource Manager. Gamecube is as it originally appeared. Switch matches button letters. XBOX/Playstation/Switch Remap will all need to be remapped in Dolphin but they recreate the classic THPS control diamond with grind on top and ollie on bottom.